5 Best Fitness and Workout Apps for Android 2020

5 Best Fitness and Workout Apps for Android

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Fitness and health are one of the richest wealth in today’s world. Time has its own importance in today’s business world. No one get enough time to go gym and workouts. Don’t worry those days are gone when people go to gym and starts workouts hour an hour.

5 Best Fitness and Workout Apps for Android

Due to advance technologies there are dozens of fitness and health apps are discovered. Below we are trying to list the best fitness and workout apps for Android.


  • RunKeeper – GPS Track Run Walk

Run Keeper is the 2012 best running app helps to improve your fitness. It is one of the most popular fitness android App among the fitness lovers. RunKeeper track runs, walks, workouts and all fitness activity in your android pocket using GPS. The RunKeeper app also be integrated with dozens of fitness apps and devices. App helps to keep track of your exercise performance and also helps to create fitness plan. Available on Google play store.


i) Calculate cycling speed, root distance and elevation

ii) Map your run or walk

iii) Helps to create your own audio coaching

iv) Integrated with fitness apps and devices

  • Runtastic Running and Fitness

Looking for highly rated fitness app? Runtastic Running and Fitness is most popular highly rated fitness app that fitness lover loves to use. App will track your running, cycling and walking in your android phone using GPS. So, download Runtastic Running and Fitness App to track your all data to improve your fitness.


i) Monitors Exercise progress

ii) Real Voice Coach

iii) Live Tracking

iv) Allow to watch your workout in 3D

v) Running Leader-board

vi) Geo tagging

  • Sports Tracker Running Cycling

Looking for App to track your Sports activity? Sports Tracker Running Cycling is one the most popular sports tracker apps for runner and cyclist lovers. So download this App on mobile to turn it in a social computer to track your running, cycling, biking, skiing and all other sports activities. App also support other devices that track your heart beats. App is available for free having 4.5 rating in Google Play store. One of the great feature of this app is that you can share your workout data, photos on social media with your friend to defined your workout goals.


i) Track your performance

ii) Monitor Progress

iii) Stores all training database

iv) Share workout data and photos with your friend on social media

v) Voice feedback during training

  • Workout Trainer fitness coach

Workout Trainer is the best app for those who are looking to shape his life. Workout Trainer app is one of the most popular app among the fitness lover who love to shape their life. This app provides thousands of free workouts and training program which helps to fitness lover to achieve their fitness goals. Workout trainer is bets app for those who want to get in proper shape without gym equipment. App allows user to customize workouts and a lot of instructional videos about how to exercise. You can download its pro version to get HD fitness exercise videos, custom training programs etc.


i) Workouts with audio instruction and progress cues

ii) Instructional photos and videos

iii) All to share your workouts on social media

iv) Follow trainer who share workout tips

v) Allow to edit and create workouts using exercise database

  • Sworkit Personalized Workouts

Looking for Personal Trainer? Sworkit Personalized Workouts is one of the best personal trainer ever. App helps the fitness lovers to get personal exercise guide just simply through fingerprints on your android device. The app has dozens of in-built exercise regimens choose the best one what you need. Sworkit Personalized Workouts is best option for fitness lover who can’t afford the gym fees.


I ) Allow for Ad free workouts

ii)  Prebuilt workouts

iii) All to create your own custom workouts

iv) Synchronized with other apps like Google Fit and My fitness Pal

  • Installed Fitness & Health Apps:

Dear fitness lovers you have learned about the best fitness and Workout apps for Android  which helps you to stay fit and healthy. For latest updates on health, fitness and yoga please subscribes to Quick   Weight loss Plans Weekly newsletters.

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