Best Yoga Apps for iPhone and iPad 2019

Best Yoga Apps for iPhone and iPad 2019

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As one of the main benefits of yoga is that there is no age bar for doing Yoga as there are different yoga poses available for every aged people including men, women and children. Yoga is one of the best and natural ways to lose weight. Study show that practicing yoga regularly with balance protein rich diet found in whole grains and fruits and vegetables helps to lose weight naturally to stay fit and healthy.

Best Yoga Apps for iPhone and iPad 2019

As technology getting advance there are several fitness and health apps are discovered which will helps you to stay fit and healthy by tracking your every fitness activities. If you are looking for Yoga trainer for practicing Yoga, then don’t worry there are dozens of Yoga apps are available for free (for some you must paid) on iPad and iPhone. I am listing below the daily yoga apps for iPad and iPhone helps in keeping you fit and healthy.

  • Pocket Yoga – Practice Builder

Pocket Yoga is one of the best user-friendly Yoga apps compatible with both iPhone and iPad. Pocket yoga allows you to create your Yoga routine easily by allowing you to share, build and edit your yoga practices. Pocket Yoga allows start your yoga practice in minute just by selecting your favorite pose by adjusting its order and duration. App allows user to select poses form 200 list by different variations and poses. You can share your yoga pose or practices along with your friends or see what they share. You can email, message your practices with your friend. One of the best features of Pocket Yoga is that you can play your Yoga practices on a TV.

yoga apps for iPhone and iPad

Compatibility- App is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Price- $9.99


  1. Apps is very user friendly
  2. Easy and Well Designed
  3. Huge library of yoga poses and allow to adding own
  4. Allow to email and message your yoga practices with friends
  5. Allow to play your practices on TV

  • Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio is one of the perfect Yoga App will help you to improve your health. Yoga studio is integrated with other health app to track your workouts and calories burned. App comes with 65 yoga and meditation classes with HD videos. You can easily customize and your own unique HD videos. The perfect yoga app comes with huge library of over 280 poses with detailed instructions and advice. Yoga studio is perfect health come Yoga app for beginners. Yoga app allows you to select your own Yoga practicing environment by allowing to choose several backgrounds music.

Beginner yoga apps for iPad

Compatibility- App is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Price- $3.99


  1. Perfect Yoga App for beginners
  2. App is integrated with other health App
  3. Comes with ready made classes and allow to create your own
  4. Over 280 yoga poses library with images and detailed.
  5. Allow to play yoga classes on TV
  6. Comes with 65 Yoga and Meditation classes

  • Simple Yoga

Looking for Yoga Personal trainer to train you different Yoga’s then your searched I finished just simply download Simple Yoga. Simple Yoga apps is also integrated with several health apps to monitor your workouts and how much calories you have burned at the end of workouts. Apps provides detailed video and audio instructions for each pose and routine. One of the great features of Simple Yoga, App is compatible with both iPad and iPhone.

yoga apps for iPhone

Compatibility – App is compatible with iPad and iPhone

Price – $4.99


  1. Great for Both Men and Women
  2. Complete Video demonstration of each pose
  3. Audio instruction for each Yoga routine
  4. Compatible with both iPad and iPhone
  5. Integrated with health apps

  • Yoga 8

Looking for Yoga apps to keep you cool minded and fit. Yoga 8 is one of the best Yoga apps for those one who’ve never tried yoga. Yoga is one of the best way to keep health good and healthy. If don’t know Yoga, then simply download Yoga 8 app and leave the rest of things on it. Apps comes with step by step guide for each pose with complete description. App is integrated with several health apps to look out how many calories do you burn at the end of workout

yoga apps for iPad

Compatibility –App is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Apple watch and iPod touch

Price – Free


  1. Integrated with other health apps
  2. Voice oriented workouts
  3. Allows to share Photos and follow your favorite Yoga teachers
  4. Best yoga app for beginners
  5. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Apple watch and iPod touch


Install Yoga Apps: 

So, hurry download best yoga apps on your iPhone and iPad as it helps you to stay fit and healthy. In our one of the previous post we already discuss about the key benefits of practicing yoga. For Latest updates from Quick Weight Loss Plans please subscribe to our newsletter!!!!!

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