Bedtime Snacks for Weight Loss

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The common reasons behind weight gain include unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, too much eating, improper sleep, genetic problem etc. Diet plays a vital role whether you are looking to weight gain or weight loss. Most of the weight loss lovers having a habit to eat before going to bed but it’s very important to select correct healthy snacks otherwise wrong selection food will create obstacles in your weight loss goals. Most of the individual done mistake while choosing bedtime snacks while they are looking for weight loss. If you can’t go to bed without snacks then try to popular bedtime snacks including milk, Greek yogurt, dark chocolate etc. in your snack try while you are on weight loss. Following are the best late-night snacks for weight loss and better sleep.

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt is one of the most recommended late-night snacks for weight loss. Greek Yogurt are high in protein, low in sugar and calories. Probiotics play a vital role healthy metabolism and digestion. As Greek yogurt is loaded with probiotics which promote healthy digestion, speed up metabolism and healthy sleep to supports your weight loss goals. It is recommended to eat before bedtime because it is loaded with iodine and calcium which promotes the proper functioning of the thyroid gland for regulating metabolism to support weight loss by stimulating the thyroid gland to boost metabolic rate.


Bananas are one of the best options for those who doesn’t love to spend time in the kitchen. Banana is one of the most popular and healthy bedtime snacks for weight loss. Banana is rich in source of various minerals and other health essential ingredients with low in calories to support restful sleep. Bananas are loaded with potassium and magnesium needed to stay fit and healthy. Bananas are loaded with fiber (zero fat) and relaxing tryptophan which induces sleepiness.

Air Popcorn

Popcorn is one of the favorite snacks for those who are looking for bedtime snacks for weight loss. Air popcorn is one of the good replacement for other high-calorie snacks as it’s relatively high in fiber.


Eating bedtime snacks for weight loss means what?? You should include fiber and protein rich snacks to keep your stomach full through all night to sleep better. Of you on diet and feeling extra hungry then replace your snack dish with a bowl of oatmeal rich in protein, fiber and low in fat which is easy to digest. We all were that magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and other minerals responsible for promoting sleep. If you are tired after busy working day and looking for the easy snack before going to bed, then oatmeal is one of the best snacks before going to bed feeling your stomach full and sleepy well.


When we talk about the best late-night snacks for weight loss then a glass of milk wins. A fresh milk may add several health benefits if you are on regular exercise routine as it is high in protein and which helps to build and repair muscles. A single glass of milk contains 90 calories (for skim) and 150 calories (whole) which will fit in your perfect bedtime snacks. Other than protein the milk contains tryptophan which is responsible for promoting sleep by triggering the release of melatonin and serotonin. (Brain Chemicals that induces sleep)

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